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CAF Procurement Advisory Services

At CAF, we offer specialised advice on procuring cleaning services with an emphasis on fair and ethical practices. In line with our cutting-edge assessment programs, our focus in the procurement space lies in championing fair and decent work for cleaners. We invite property owners, and other procurers of cleaning services, to work with us and help build a more sustainable and accountable cleaning industry, starting at the point of procurement.

Why should my organisation engage CAF Procurement Advisory Services?

Working with CAF on the procurement of your cleaning services will assist in safeguarding your cleaning supply chain against exploitation with demonstrable ROI. CAF Procurement Advice will help your organisation to avoid legal non-compliance penalties, improve service quality and tenant satisfaction, reduce turnover and enhance your Modern Slavery and Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) reporting. To guarantee the integrity of our services, we conduct quality assurance on all feedback provided by CAF.

What procurement services does CAF offer?

By engaging in CAF’s Procurement Advisory Services program, you gain access to our robust expertise in ethical and sustainable procurement when it comes to outsourced cleaning. Our approach can be tailored to your specific needs, pre, during and post tender. Some of the procurement tools and services we offer include:

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Procurement tools: CAF offers a suite of procurement tools to help your organisation emphasise fair and ethical labour standards in your tendering of cleaning services. These tools include model tender questions, model contract clauses and the CAF Pricing Schedule.

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Training on procurement tools: pre-tender we offer customised training on our procurement tools, designed to empower your team with the knowledge and skills needed to implement our tools with confidence. We include dedicated time for addressing follow-up questions from our training.

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CAF tender document review: prior to tender, our experts conduct a review of your tender documents, to ensure they are optimised for ethical labour considerations. This includes setting up the CAF Pricing Schedule and providing feedback on CAF-related tender questions and contract clauses.

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Supplier engagement: as part of the tender process, our experts can engage with potential suppliers in a manner that suits your needs. We can be a part of your tender presentation, and explain to suppliers the emphasis your organisation is placing on fair and ethical labour. We can also respond to questions related to CAF tender requirements.

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CAF Pricing Schedule review: during the tender phase, we can provide support in evaluating completed pricing data and responses. We can review CAF Pricing Schedules, and offer feedback on inaccuracies or areas needing clarification. Similarly, we can review responses to CAF tender questions.

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Training on job security: post-tender, we offer a specialised training session on job security during the transition of contracts for your procurement team and your chosen supplier. This session ensures that fair and ethical labour considerations remain at the forefront of your transition process.


  • CAF Members receive a 10% discount*
  • Fees are POA

* Organisations receive the 10% discount on Procurement Advisory Services if they are current financial year Members of CAF.

Download our Procurement Advisory Prospectus. Or, to explore how CAF can support your procurement needs, please complete our online enquiry form, and a member of our team will reach out to you promptly.


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