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CAF Procurement tools

CAF Pricing Schedule

The CAF Pricing Schedule is a procurement tool that brings transparency and accountability to cleaning contracts. It has been developed in consultation with industry stakeholders with the aim of driving sustainable and ethical contract pricing in the cleaning industry. 

CAF currently has developed Pricing Schedules for commercial office buildings and retail malls. We are currently developing a model for retail stores e.g. supermarkets.

Through use of the CAF Pricing Schedule, procurers are contributing to an industry level-playing field based on decent work standards when it comes to contract cleaning services.

How does the Pricing Schedule work?

The schedule provides transparency of wages and overheads and the cleaning hours allocated to a building. Procurers can then assess the overhead costs productivity rates against CAF benchmarks to enable a fair and consistent assessment of tenders.


The CAF benchmarks are used to assess whether enough resources have been allocated to the contract to enable compliance with the CAF 3 Star Standard. This includes payment of at least minimum legal wages to cleaners; the provision of statutory entitlements such as annual leave, personal leave and superannuation; and sufficient time for cleaners to complete their work that prevents WHS incidents and underpayment.

A key requirement of CAF Building Certification is that stakeholders use the Pricing Schedule either at the point of tender or by applying it to existing contracts to demonstrate that on-cost and productivity rates meet CAF benchmarks. CAF will then verify this through our engagement with workers as part of the certification process.

What the pricing schedule is designed to do:

  • Provide baseline transparency to contract pricing;
  • Verify that enough hours have been allocated to a contract to ensure that cleaners are working within safe productivity limits; and
  • Ensure that reasonable overheads have been provisioned so that cleaners’ wages and entitlements are not undermined.

What the pricing schedule is not designed to do

  • Be used as a scheduling/rostering tool;
  • Be the sole determinant of safe productivity levels; and
  • Specify in detail the cleaning tasks to be completed at a site.

Accessing the CAF Pricing Schedule

The CAF Pricing Schedule is included as part of CAF Membership. In addition to the Pricing Schedule, members also receive detailed guidance documents, model tender questions and contract clauses, material for tender presentations and 2 hours of advice from CAF.

If you are a procurer of cleaning services and a member of CAF, you will find the CAF Pricing Schedule and other procurement tools on the online member portal. If you are not a member of CAF and would like to know more, please see our Membership page.

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