CAF Procurement tools

CAF Pricing Schedule

The CAF Pricing Schedule is a procurement tool that has been developed in consultation with industry  stakeholders with the aim of driving sustainable and ethical contract pricing in the cleaning industry. The schedule provides transparency of wages and overheads, hours allocated to a building and productivity rates and enables a fair and consistent assessment of tenders. 

Through analysis of over 700 tender results and extensive trialling of the pricing schedule tool, CAF have developed a set of cost and productivity benchmarks for retail and commercial buildings. A key requirement of the CAF Standards is that stakeholders use the pricing schedule either at the point of tender or by applying it to existing contracts to demonstrate that on-cost and productivity rates fall within reasonable industry benchmarks.

What the pricing schedule is designed to do:

  • Provide baseline transparency to contract pricing;
  • Verify that enough hours have been allocated to a contract to ensure that cleaners are working within safe productivity limits; and
  • Ensure that reasonable overheads have been provisioned so that cleaners’ wages and entitlements are not undermined.

What the pricing schedule is not designed to do

  • Be used as a scheduling/rostering tool;
  • Be the sole determinant of safe productivity levels; and
  • Specify in detail the cleaning tasks to be completed at a site.

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CAF model tender and contract clauses

CAF has developed a suite of model tender response questions that can be used by procurers of cleaning services at the point of tender. They are based on the CAF 3 Star Standard and are designed to foreground compliance with labour standards during procurement activity. CAF has also developed a suite of model contract clauses for inclusion in a resulting contract to facilitate CAF certification. The CAF tender and contract clauses are currently only available to CAF Advisory Group members.