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Founding Partners

AustralianSuper has been involved in the Cleaning Accountability Framework (CAF) since its inception in 2012. CAF is an important initiative as the cleaning industry employs around 90,000 AustralianSuper members.

AustralianSuper is Australia’s largest super fund, managing about $300 billion in assets on behalf of 3.26 million members as at June 30, 2023.

By supporting CAF, AustralianSuper are helping to improve the working conditions and environment for members and the industry as a whole. Creating more sustainable cleaning practices is also important for member outcomes as AustralianSuper believes investing in well governed companies with good Environmental, Social and Governance management leads to better long-term performance.

The United Workers Union is made up of 150,000 members across the country, from more than 45 industries and all walks of life, who are standing together to make a difference. The Union believes that cleaners are essential to the safe and continued operation of commercial and government buildings. Yet, for too long, cleaners have been undervalued and exploitation still exists in the industry. That is why the Union is fighting for cleaners to be respected for their vital role in keeping Australia clean and society functioning. 

The Union sees its involvement and support of CAF as a valuable opportunity to work constructively and cooperatively with stakeholders from across the cleaning supply chain so that together, we can lift standards across the sector and ensure that cleaners are treated fairly and have good working conditions.

Key Partners

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