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Often, cleaners are an untapped resource in the cleaning supply chain. Cleaners work on the ground and know the ins and outs of their job and yet, under a traditional cleaning supply chain hierarchy, they are not consulted on ways to improve their workplace and create job efficiencies. As the below case study demonstrates, once cleaners become acclimated to CAF Building Certification, and it becomes an embedded framework, remediation can be worker-led.

Snapshot: A CAF Representative notices that their colleague experiences great difficulty when replacing the soap in soap dispensers. The affected cleaner is required to position themselves uncomfortably in order to replace the soap, which the CAF Representative identifies as a workplace health and safety issue. 

Investigation: The CAF Representative reports the issue to their Supervisor, but is told that the cost for replacing the soap dispensers is too costly, and that the remodelling of bathrooms that is currently underway means that the timing is also not suitable for changing the soap dispensers.  

Remediation: The CAF Representative follows up on the issue by raising it at his quarterly meeting with the Building Manager. As a result, the Building Manager, the Contractor, and the CAF Representative discuss the issue and are able to develop a temporary solution. Hooks are installed under benches to hold 5L soap containers, instead of the 1L containers required in the soap dispensers being used.  With this solution, the affected cleaner no longer has to struggle to replace the soap, and also does not need to replace the soap as frequently. 

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CAF Building Certification provides avenues for cleaners to raise issues, provide feedback and suggest solutions to issues they are experiencing on the ground. Empowering cleaners to have input into their working environment and conditions also benefits other cleaning supply chain stakeholders, as this can prevent workplace injury, identify efficiencies and ensure more substantial costs incurred, from leaving a workplace issue unchecked, are avoided.   


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