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The Cleaning Accountability Framework (CAF) has officially kicked off our partnership with the Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Branch of the Australian Border Force (ABF). The ABF has committed to working in close collaboration with CAF to address modern slavery risks in the property services industry and to strengthen the Government’s own approach to identifying and addressing risks in their procurement of cleaning services.

“CAF is excited to be working with the ABF through this partnership, targeting risk within the Commonwealth’s procurement of cleaning services. The ABF joins an ever-growing cohort of corporate and non-corporate entities that are driving meaningful change in the cleaning industry” says CAF CEO, Poonam Datar.

A program of work has been developed and is now officially underway. Some of the key outcomes will include CAF undertaking a risk assessment of the Commonwealth Government’s cleaning procurement practices as well as topical educational content. The risk assessment will identify modern slavery risks in the Commonwealth Government’s procurement of cleaning services and provide recommendations for future risk mitigation. The educational material will be designed for procurement personnel within the Commonwealth Government and Commonwealth Property Services Providers. It will educate personnel on their role in assessing and addressing modern slavery risk in their procurement and contract management activities.

Datar affirms that “through this work, CAF, the ABF and the Commonwealth Government more broadly will have a better understanding of the Government’s own risk profile when it comes to cleaning services and suggested pathways moving forward.”

If your organisation would be interested in discussing partnership opportunities with CAF, please contact us.

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