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CAF certification of Angel Place

AMP Capital’s Real Estate team is well on their way to understanding and addressing Modern Slavery risk in their business and supply chain. AMP Capital is a founding contributor to the Cleaning Accountability Framework (CAF), and Chris Nunn, AMP Capital’s Head of Sustainability and Platform Operations for Real Estate believes that CAF certification “ensures contractors are meeting statutory requirements, providing a great opportunity for every organisation that contributes to the supply chain, to work towards a common goal of ending practices of modern slavery.”

CAF CEO, Poonam Datar concurs and points out that “owners are critical in terms of driving responsible business practices from the very top of the supply chain. Not only does it ensure a sustainable price of the provision of the service or goods, it also demonstrates to the supplier that they have an ally when it comes to responsible business practices – their client is sharing rather than shifting the burden.” Additionally, procurers of cleaning services have significant power to determine the working conditions of cleaners. The dual aim of CAF certification is to uncover exploitative working conditions and implement best practice employment practices and supply chain conduct. Through this process, the CAF assessment identifies indicators of modern slavery and prescribes appropriate investigation and remediation to mitigate the risk of modern slavery.

Late in 2020, AMP Capital successfully applied for CAF 3 Star Standard certification of Angel Place located at 123 Pitt Street, Sydney.

BlogImage Angel PlCAF certification consists of both an audit and a process of worker verification with cleaners on-site – these feedback sessions are part audit, part education and part empowerment. Cleaners at Angel Place found the worker engagement experience very positive and were particularly interested in learning more about their workplace rights. Representatives from the United Workers Union (UWU) took part in these sessions and said that not only do these meetings “give cleaners a voice, but that they are essential to the certification process.”

Through the audit and worker engagement process, CAF assessed Dimeo’s, the cleaning contractor, compliance with domestic workplace relations legislation and workplace health and safety laws. Where weaknesses in policies, procedures and implementation were identified, CAF worked with Dimeo to implement improvements, which will mitigate the risk of worker exploitation. Dimeo CFO, James Webber said that they were “delighted to have played a part in supporting AMP Capital in achieving CAF certification at Angel Place. Dimeo has always been committed to best practice employment practices and listening to our staff, our clients and other key stakeholders”.

AngelPlace MauricioRamirez RamCAFRep Josh ChapmanPictured (L to R): Mauricio Ramirez (Dimeo Cleaning Services), Ram Prasad Khanal (CAF Rep and cleaner) and Josh Chapman (AMP Capital)

Through ongoing compliance mechanisms and regular building manager check-ins with the CAF Representative, a cleaner nominated by their colleagues, the Property Management team at AMP Capital will retain oversight of ongoing compliance with labour standards at Angel Place.

Angel Place’s CAF Representative Ram Prasad Khanal commented that he “was happy when I knew our building will be one of them so we as a cleaners will get a fair go if there are any issues, in a transparent way. Looking forward [to] a role where cleaners [have a] voice.”

UWU commented that it is “crucial that flagship buildings like Angel Place are part of CAF. It shows a high level of commitment from the owners as well as other stakeholders… that such a prestigious building underwent this process.” UWU congratulates the team at Angel Place and their supply chain stating that “you are leading the way in improving the cleaning industry and making cleaning jobs into good jobs.”

Upon reflection Nunn commented that the “overall process was positive and it puts Angel Place and Dimeo in a good position to ensure all cleaners rights are upheld.” Furthermore, Angel Place receiving a CAF 3 Star Standard rating provides assurance to investors and the building’s tenant-customers that cleaning services are being procured, managed, and delivered in a manner that foregrounds respect for cleaners’ labour rights. Nunn confirms that “CAF certification is one part of our ESG strategy and our commitment to Modern Slavery reporting obligations.”

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