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Since my workplace has become CAF-certified, I’ve started to see a lot of positive changes happen on site. When cleaners speak to me about any issues that arise, we discuss what would be the best solution to resolving them. I then meet with my company to discuss. If my company can’t resolve it, I then take it to the Building Manager to resolve. The cleaners are very happy that this is possible, if they have any concerns about their equipment or their work in general, they know they can speak to me and I’ll have any issues addressed. Some examples of issues we’ve had resolved since our site has become CAF-certified include:   

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It’s been a cold winter this winter and, through raising concerns to the Building Manager, nice warm jackets for the outside cleaners have been provided. The outside cleaners are so happy that they are listened to and supported and can do their work properly and safely.   


The cleaners’ tearoom in the basement is always cold especially this winter. I spoke to the Building Manager in my quarterly meeting and explained about how cold it is and why we need a heater, and he provided one.   


We received new batteries for our vacuums. The ones we had to use for such a long time were old and the charge didn’t last very long. I met with the manager in my monthly meeting and requested the new batteries and after a couple of weeks she supplied them.  When the batteries go flat, we’re able to replace with fully charged ones now.  It’s been great and now we get our jobs done a lot easier.  


The cleaners here are happy that a lot of these issues we’ve had for such a long time are resolved.  Our working environment in our building is so much better since it’s become CAF-certified. I know it will only improve from here on out thanks to CAF and the Union. 


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By Tony Calderone,

CAF Representative 



This blogpost is an extract from CAF’s FY22 Annual Report.

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