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CAF Standard

CAF 3 Star Standard
The CAF 3 Star Standard is a set of requirements to achieve 3 Star CAF Certification at a building.

CAF Standard Method – Owner/Manager
The CAF Owner/Manager method is a ‘how to’ guide for property owners and managers to meet the requirements within the CAF 3 Star Standard.

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Certification tools

CAF Ongoing Compliance Tool
The CAF Ongoing Compliance Tool is primarily for building managers at CAF Certified buildings to maintain ongoing compliance of the CAF Standard. However, the Compliance Tool may also be useful at buildings that are not yet CAF Certified.

CAF Building Certification User Guide
The CAF Building Certification User Guide contains detailed information on the certification process, from assessment, to ongoing compliance, and annual health checks. It also contains the key protocols that govern the practices for multi-stakeholder collaboration within CAF, for instance the CAF Worker Engagement Protocol and the CAF Remediation Procedure.

What is CAF Building Certification?
What is CAF Building Certification? provides an overview of CAF Building Certification. It sets out the problem CAF is designed to address, how the CAF model works, the benefits of CAF Certification for stakeholders, and an overview of the steps to obtaining supply chain assurance for cleaning services in commercial office and retail mall assets.

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Modern Slavery Tools

CAF’s Modern Slavery Guidance 

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