A supply chain certification scheme is at the heart of CAF. It requires all stakeholders to agree to the CAF Core Principles and provides a mechanism for property owners to certify individual sites within their portfolios to three, four or five star standards.

Certification Scheme

The CAF Certification Scheme works with cleaners through to property owners to ensure transparency and accountability of their cleaning supply chain.

We do this by targeting compliance in key areas including:

  • labour standards
  • taxation and superannuation
  • record keeping
  • workplace health and safety
  • responsible contracting.

Uniquely, CAF Certification involves a worker engagement component which seeks to ensure direct participation of the cleaners in the certification process.

Property owners can apply to have the cleaning services at their buildings or sites certified to a three, four or five star standard.

CAF is currently finalising the certification pilot of the three star standard.


Procurement Toolkit

CAF has developed (and continues to add to) a suite of best practice procurement tools and guidance notes for cleaning companies, facilities managers and property owners to use when tendering cleaning contracts. The key procurement tool that has been developed to date is the Pricing Schedule, which provides transparency of wages and overheads, hours worked and productivity rates and enables a fair and consistent assessment of tenders. Separate pricing schedules have been developed for commercial and retail cleaning and are currently being tested in the market.