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Property owners / facility managers / tenants

CAF offers a certification framework that assures property owners, facility managers and tenants that cleaning services on a chosen site are in compliance with CAF labour standards.

This occurs both through a third-party audit of employee and business records of all relevant stakeholders on the site, and a worker engagement element conducted by CAF and United Voice to demonstrate social compliance.

This page will be updated with further details very soon.


Cleaning contractors

CAF offers a certification framework that allows cleaning companies to pre-qualify for site-based audits. This framework assesses a company’s compliance with CAF standards, and ensures systems and processes are in place to facilitate CAF certification at a site level.

Certification of cleaning contractors is currently being developed and piloted. This page will be updated accordingly once the framework is finalised.


Advisory Group

As a multi-stakeholder organisation, CAF relies on the input of a range of industry, government, civil society and academic expertise to build and refine the certification scheme.

If you are not a cleaning contractor, property owner, facility manager or tenant, but would still like to get involved in CAF, please contact us at to discuss further.