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Core Principles

CAF sets out the following principles of best-practice for stakeholders involved in the cleaning services and property industries. Members are expected to uphold these core principles at buildings undergoing certification and across their own business operations.

1) All stakeholders who participate in the industry are treated decently and with respect, and the workplace is free from violence, harassment and bullying;

2) The workplace is free from discrimination, with equal opportunity for everyone regardless of race, nationality, ethnic origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, industrial activity, union membership or religion;

3) Freedom of association and the right to actively participate in and be represented by a union (including through collective bargaining) are respected and pro-actively supported by all stakeholders, and workers are protected from anti-union discrimination and interference;

4) Grievance procedures through which issues can genuinely be raised are accessible and communicated to employees;

5) Stakeholders work cooperatively to continuously achieve best practice work environments, work design (including sufficient materials and properly maintained equipment), supervision and training to enable cleaners to perform their jobs safely and efficiently and to ensure high levels of work health and safety outcomes;

6) Employee workloads are reasonable and can be performed safely, and employee performance indicators are reasonable, measurable and communicated;

7) Stakeholders who have control over the employment of cleaners ensure that cleaners benefit from security of employment by being able to continue working at a building with another employer when there is a change of contract;

8) Stakeholders who provide wages and working conditions to employees that are over and above minimum standards are recognised as best practice;

9) Subcontracting, if carried out, is done so in compliance with contract conditions and the employment conditions provided to subcontracted staff are no less favourable than those provided to directly employed staff under the conditions set out in the principal contract;

10) The contract price paid is sufficient to enable contractors to meet all of their obligations, including providing wages, superannuation and all other entitlements in line with the specified industrial instrument and relevant legislation; and

11) Recognition is made of stakeholders who are committed to sustainability, including the development, implementation and continual improvement of sustainable practices within cleaning services contracts.

Cleaning Accountability Framework Ltd.