Contractor Prequalification

Benefits of Contractor Prequalification

The overall objective of the Contractor Prequalification process is to assess whether the Framework (Policy, Procedure and Process) implemented by the Contractor, is adequate to achieve compliance with the CAF 3 Star Standard, if implemented appropriately at various buildings.

A cleaning contractor that is ‘CAF Prequalified’ provides cleaning companies with leveraging power in the market by signalling that the company has:

  • adequate management systems in place to provide correct wages and conditions and superannuation, including appropriate record keeping systems;
  • processes to educate cleaners about their workplace rights and conditions of employment
  • policies, procedures and systems in place to provide cleaners with paid and unpaid leave entitlements;
  • systems to verify and monitor visa holders’ right to work in Australia;
  • financial viability;
  • systems for the responsible management, monitoring and enforcement of labour subcontracting;
  • adequate WHS systems, policies and procedures to provide cleaners with a safe work environment;
  • mechanisms in place to prevent exploitation, e.g. sham contracting, underpayment, modern slavery, etc.; and
  • systems, policies and procedures in place to provide cleaners with job security at a change of contract.

Application process

CAF is currently piloting the Contractor Prequalification scheme and expects this to launch to market in early 2020.

This page will be updated accordingly.