CAF Pricing Schedule

The CAF Pricing Schedule is a procurement tool that has been developed by a range of stakeholders with the aim of driving sustainable and ethical contract pricing in the cleaning industry. The schedule provides transparency of wages and overheads, hours allocated to a building and productivity rates and enables a fair and consistent assessment of tenders.

CAF has currently developed pricing schedules for commercial office and retail mall buildings.

What the pricing schedule is designed to do:

• Provide transparency to contract pricing
• Ensure that sufficient hours have been allocated to a contract to ensure that cleaners are working within safe productivity limits
• Ensure that reasonable overheads have been provisioned so that cleaners’ wages and entitlements are not subject to undercutting
• Encourage a level-playing field that rewards sustainable rather than rock-bottom pricing

The CAF Pricing Schedule is a requirement of the building certification scheme so we encourage their use as part of the tender process. If you are a property owner and would like to use the CAF Pricing Schedule in a tender process, please contact us at