Building Certification

Benefits of Building Certification

The CAF Certification Scheme is truly a win-win situation for all stakeholders. By designing and rolling out a credible building certification scheme focused on the labour conditions of cleaners and improved procurement processes, CAF will deliver a number of benefits to all stakeholders.

For property owners and investors, CAF certification:

  • ensures that entities in their supply chain aren’t inadvertently supporting unlawful labour practices;
  • minimises time spent assessing tenders and managing contracts;
  • drives the delivery of cleaning services that attract and retain tenants; and
  • reduces the risk of being involved in a contravention of workplace laws through accessorial liability provisions under section 550 of the Fair Work Act.

For cleaners, CAF:

  • helps drive compliance with labour standards in their workplace; and
  • gives them a voice in the maintenance of quality cleaning and decent work

For cleaning contractors, CAF:

  • contributes to a sustainable future for the cleaning industry by balancing price and performance instead of rewarding ‘rock-bottom’ pricing; and
  • recognises those participants that are adopting better and best practices within the cleaning industry.

For building managers, CAF:

  • provides tools to deliver and maintain competitive and compliant cleaning contracts to property owners;
  • ensures that entities are not inadvertently supporting unlawful labour practices; and
  • reduces the risk of being involved in a contravention of workplace laws through accessorial liability provisions under section 550 of the Fair Work Act.

For tenants, CAF:

  • provides quality cleaning by experienced cleaners who are respected and safe at work and are receiving their minimum legal pay and entitlements;
  • minimises the risk of potential reputational damage for significant tenants where exploitation of cleaners is uncovered; and
  • demonstrates ethical sourcing strategies and company due diligence over indirect supply chains.

Application process

Property owners, building managers and tenants are invited to nominate buildings for certification. Cleaning contractors and other participants in the cleaning supply chain are invited to suggest buildings and property owners that may be keen to undergo certification.

Buildings that have at a minimum more than 18 months left in the contract can be certified. The CAF 3 Star Standard can be applied against existing contractual arrangements and/or implemented through tender processes.

CAF certification participants will be asked to:

  • agree to the CAF Core Principles and Terms and Conditions;
  • pay a certification fee;
  • work with CAF and other stakeholders to implement the CAF 3 Star Standard at a nominated building, including the completion of an audit;
  • engage with cleaners in CAF and participate in a social audit;
  • once a building has been certified, sign a CAF Licensing Agreement; and
  • support CAF’s ongoing research and tool development.

If you are a tenant and would like to certify your building, please take a look at the Supplementary Guide for additional information specific to tenant-led certification.

CAF certification will last for a maximum of three years subject to ongoing compliance with the CAF Standard, the CAF Terms and Conditions, and the CAF Licensing Agreement.


Refer to our Guide to Building Certification for more detail. To see a list of CAF Certified Buildings, click here.

How to apply

To register an expression of interest for building certification, please complete the application form.