Be Involved

CAF is working with a broad range of participants from across the cleaning industry – big and small, commercial and retail. CAF is actively seeking new partners who are keen to participate in trialling new standards, participate in CAF’s Advisory Group and become CAF members.

CAF Advisory Group

Members of the CAF Advisory Group share their expertise to help shape the future of CAF.

As an Advisory Group member you will commit to CAF and its continued growth.

CAF welcomes expressions of interest to join CAF’s Advisory Group membership from:

  • cleaning companies
  • investors
  • property managers
  • property owners
  • industry bodies.

Advisory Group members are asked to make a financial commitment to CAF.

CAF Pilot

During 2016-2018, CAF will pilot the Certification Scheme and the three-star standard.

CAF invites property owners of both commercial office and retail properties to participate in the pilot. You can take part in the pilot whether you have an existing contract or are currently going through the tender process.

By participating in the pilot you are committing to ensuring that the cleaning services supply chain on your property is compliant with CAF standards. See How CAF works.

By participating in the pilot you will also help CAF:

  • refine the Certification Scheme
  • test the three-star standard
  • develop the four and five-star standards.

The pilot will be facilitated by the Fair Work Ombudsman.

To register your interest in participating in the pilot, please contact us.

CAF Membership

CAF membership is open to all participants in a cleaning services supply chain and other parties who are keen to support and become involved with CAF.

By becoming a CAF member, your company makes a commitment to sustainable cleaning services. Check out the Membership Brochure here.

As a CAF member you will have access to tools and resources that will assist you in procuring, tendering, contracting and complying with CAF standards.

CAF welcomes membership from:

  • cleaning companies
  • tenants
  • facility managers
  • property managers
  • property owners
  • other interested parties

*CAF are currently revising our terms of membership. Please direct any enquiries to: