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Application for CAF Certification – Buildings

Applications open

CAF reserves the right to determine when the certification process will begin. Once an application has been received, CAF will contact the applicant to discuss a mutually agreeable start date.

As certification lasts for the length of the cleaning contract (subject to ongoing compliance), we recommend that buildings are nominated where a change in contractor is unlikely to happen for at least 12 months. Similarly, CAF recommends that a new cleaning contract has been in place for about six months before certification. This allows time for data to be built up for the purposes of the time and wages assessment and is generally after any probation period for cleaners meaning the workforce by that point in time is stable.

*Please note, all fees must be paid prior to the audit start date.


Have the self-assessment checklist document ready as you will need to upload it at the end of this application form.

Cleaning Accountability Framework Ltd.