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Refresher on CAF

Annual Health Check meeting preparation

Helpful tip: If subtitles do not automatically appear click on “cc” in the bottom right hand corner of the video.

This video is also available in: Arabic Ι Bengali Ι Dari Ι Mandarin Ι Nepali Ι Spanish Ι Thai*


Thanks for watching our video. Next, please complete the CAF survey, the link should have been emailed to you. You will be asked questions about your working conditions at your building. Your responses will be treated confidentially. We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming CAF meeting, where we will share results of the survey and talk to you and your co-workers about your working conditions.

Your participation in the survey and meeting are important – CAF certification does not happen without cleaners.


For more information about CAF and the 3 Star Standard visit our Resources for Cleaners page.

*CAF acknowledges the support provided by the Commonwealth Fair Work Ombudsman via their Community Engagement Grants Program 2021-2024.

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