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Working together to end exploitation in the cleaning industry

The Cleaning Accountability Framework (CAF) is a world-first, game-changing organisation whose mission is to improve labour practices in the cleaning industry. CAF works with cleaners, tenants, contractors, property owners, facility managers, and investors across the cleaning supply chain to ensure ethical labour practices through our promotion of:

CAF Icon DecentWork 1
Decent work

Cleaners have the right to work that is fairly paid, safe, secure, freely chosen, and undertaken with dignity

CAF Icon SustainProcurement
Ethical Procurement

We help bring transparency and accountability to cleaning supply chains

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Best practice

We are setting a national standard for the cleaning industry and reward best practice through our CAF Certification Scheme

Why get CAF Certified?

The CAF Certification Scheme provides a credible framework to measure social compliance within the cleaning industry. Investors, property owners, building managers, cleaning contractors and tenants benefit from improved procurement processes and reduced risks, while cleaners are assured of fair pay and decent working conditions.

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ISPT is proud to have been a supporter of the Cleaning Accountability Framework since its inception demonstrating how we value workers rights. Our customers value quality cleaning services when they are in an ISPT building. This leads to longer leases and ultimately returns for our investors, and the 50% of Australian workers these investors represent.

Daryl BrowningFormer ISPT Chief Executive Officer

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December 8, 2022

CAF Reps like Pratikshya help cleaners to advocate for their rights at work

At the CAF FY22 Annual General Meeting we had the pleasure of hearing from Pratikshya about her story of being a cleaner and CAF Representative (Rep). Cleaning was Pratikshya’s first…
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December 2, 2022

Migrant workers and their Rights in Australia

All workers, regardless of their citizenship status, have human rights. Despite this, migrant workers, especially in low-paying jobs like cleaning, are often the target of exploitation. Often, there are many…
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November 23, 2022

A new era in worker engagement

Under CAF Certification, workers are involved in the design of due diligence mechanisms. They are engaged at the start point, not the end point. To reflect this process, CAF has…
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November 17, 2022

A CAF Representatives Perspective

Since my workplace has become CAF-certified, I’ve started to see a lot of positive changes happen on site. When cleaners speak to me about any issues that arise, we discuss…

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